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Its Finally Here

Bellow is a link to my new cover of Michael Jackson’s “black or white”. It was recorded using my new EQ settings. I hope you like it. Any questions please leave a comment and ill answer then ASAP. ( a tad rushed though i must say)



Product Review

Sennheiser HD280pro Closed Monitoring Headphones

Right this is my first product review I’ve ever wrote. So please don’t judge me too harshly.

A little about what closed headphones are:

Closed headphones do exactly as the name implies, isolating your ears from the world around you. These pairs usually posses ear cups that completely enclose the ear, preventing sound from leaking out or in.

Id like to start by recommending the seller of this item who I found through Global Mart International INC. I ordered this product on the 18th of July and it arrived in my hands the next day at 9:30, now that’s what I call service.

Now down to my review. The first thing I sore after opening the initial delivery box (which was very well wraped and stuffed) is the massive blue box containing the headphones within. It’s a well constructed sturdy box with a window in the front so you can see through to the headphones, which are held securely in place within. Read the rest of this entry

A quick update (and another problem)

This is a little post carrying on from my post about “recording LIT”

I received my movie maker software in the post and quickly discovered that it’s not fit for my purpose at all. The intros and endings are all cheap and tacky. Not professional looking at all like the easy to use ones that come with windows movie maker, but that’s not even the main problem with the software. It only allows you to move tracks by a pre determined amount. And you can’t cut or change the fixed segments. So if I needed to move the track by say: half a second I couldn’t make that adjustment. I could only  move it for instance a second either way. Which for music is useless? Read the rest of this entry

My Setup

Morning all.

This is my first blog post back after my amazingly refreshing holiday to Turkey. I can’t recommend this place enough. It’s an amazingly beautiful country. If you ever get the opportunity to go, go you wont be disappointed.

Anyway back to business. I thought id start a small series of blogs about the equipment I am currently using.

My First blog is about my Main Drum Kit and which is also the one featured in my drum covers and the kit I use to teach my students on.

First about the Kit it’s self. It’s a DW (drum Workshop) Collectors Series finished in Blue Ouster wrap and off-set with Black Chrome Hardware. The Rack Tom sizes are 12”x8″, 13”x9″, 14”x10″ and 16”x12″ I have no floor toms on this kit all Toms are suspended via the DW STM system (suspension tom mount). My Base Drum is a non drilled 24”x18″ Cannon which sounds absolutely amazing. It’s loud and crisp at the same time. My snare that I brought with this kit is a DW Black Nickel Knurled steel 14” by 6.5” Snare. Its a very nice snare but I will say its not the snare I use in the videos. (More about that snare in the next part of this series)
Read the rest of this entry