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Update (tascam 1800)

So I recently purchased a Tascam 1800, “What’s that?” I hear you say. The Tascam 1800 is a 16 channel midi interface that uses USB 2.0 to record straight into whatever program you work with. For me its Adobe Audition CS6. The benefit of this kind of interface is the ability to produce split track recordings. Which in drumming terms is a god send.

 The comparison

I will use my old set-up as my comparison . I used to use my beringer 2442fx mixing desk to record straight into Audition. While this serves the purpose of been able to record and listen back to the drums there wasn’t a lot I could do in terms of processing the music I recorded. The main reason for this is how the 2442 records to any program you decide to work with. It is only capable of passing through a single stereo track. Meaning that everything has to be mixed down before been sent to the computer. This in itself poses a problem because what you may hear in the monitor is not nessaseraly how the computer will interpret the sound. Also typically any musician will vary there playing from the sound check to the time when you will actually start recording. Not to mention slight variations in the way they play each subsequent recording, Be it a louder kick or quieter ghost notes on the snare. Because of this you’re not always garneted to get that perfect mix your after.

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Re-cap on a year gone bye (part 2)

In this part I will pick up from January and Farther Christmas did indeed bring me the Drum Mics I had requested. (must have been good that year) They were Red5 Audios RVK 7 piece drum mic set. I also paid for a 3rd condenser mic to record the hats. But it turns out the over heads are amazing so I use the extra mic to capture the room sound. This is a fairly inexpensive set at £159.99 I will be doing a review on the mics I use at a later stage. But I have to say im uber pleased with them.

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Re-cap on a year gone bye. (part 1)

I just thought id shear this little re-cap with you all on what Ive accomplished during the year past since I posted my first ever Drum Cover up on youtube on the 19th of October 2010.

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Early Start Today

Morning World.

Had a very early start this morning (for me anyway). Was at up at 6 and at the Gym for 6:30. Feel nice and refreshed for the day ahead though.

So about my “Thriller” Cover, Managed a couple more plays through last night, and its really starting to come together. I’m going to have a couple more plays through tonight. Then ill be hoping to get it recorded on Saturday the 11th. (using my new mic set-up. Which i will gointo more detail in a later post)

All my fills and beats for this have so far been add lib, and nothing has been penned. So its very spontaneous and that’s the way I will be recording it. one run through and what ever happens, happens. (inc mistakes :-S)

That’s why I’m playing it a few times through to gauge the overall feel of the song.

Drum Covers

Hello all

This is my first blog ever………

I would like to start off with what I’ve been working on tonight.  As well as freestyler by Bomfunk MC (which im working on for a friend), I’m also working on adapting my style to fit the legendary Michael Jacksons “Thriller”. I’ve just had a couple of plays through it and its starting to come together nicely.  So watch this space for a new cover.