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Recording LIT “my own worst enemy”

Morning all.

First off id like to start by sharing a quote that arrived in my inbox this morning, “The only place you find success before work is in the dictionaryMay V.Smith. I think this is definitely a quote to live by. What do you think?

Above is my latest Video Drum Cover of Lit’s “my own worst enemy”. I had a lot of fun playing this song. It was released in March 1999, Just as I was going through the exam stage at my secondary school, (Seems like a lifetime ago now) and thus holds strong memories for me. As it was my favourite song of the time. Read the rest of this entry

Improving your CHOPS.

Morning all,

I was thinking about my last post over the weekend and decided a month was too long to share my plan with you on how to improve “Hand Speed”.

In the Short week I have been practicing the exercise I’m about to share with you, I have seen definite improvements in both speed and how evenly my strokes have been distributed. Which I will assume at this point will continue to increase over the period of time I plan to keep this as part of my daily practice routine.

I will say at this point, It is also very useful as a general warm-up before gigs or just general playing. So is also worth including it as part of those routines as a rule. (if you don’t have a warm up routine, I will do another post about how to structure one at a later date)

First Off you will need a few bits of equipment to be able to gauge your improvements. If you do not have them don’t worry as you will still be able to benefit from the exercises. Read the rest of this entry

A Little Experiment.

Morning all.

Another day, another dollar. (Well in my case another pound)

I would like to start by saying the Thriller cover has been placed on hold till further notice. Instead I have decided to do a Mini Series on Michael Jackson incorporating a few of his most well-known songs. These will be “Smooth Criminal” & “Black or White”.

I hope to start the recording phase sometime this week. With a view to getting them out before I head off to Turkey in a few weeks for a well deserved holiday.

I would also like to talk about a little experiment I will be doing over the next few weeks or months, regarding hand speed. Read the rest of this entry

Early Start Today

Morning World.

Had a very early start this morning (for me anyway). Was at up at 6 and at the Gym for 6:30. Feel nice and refreshed for the day ahead though.

So about my “Thriller” Cover, Managed a couple more plays through last night, and its really starting to come together. I’m going to have a couple more plays through tonight. Then ill be hoping to get it recorded on Saturday the 11th. (using my new mic set-up. Which i will gointo more detail in a later post)

All my fills and beats for this have so far been add lib, and nothing has been penned. So its very spontaneous and that’s the way I will be recording it. one run through and what ever happens, happens. (inc mistakes :-S)

That’s why I’m playing it a few times through to gauge the overall feel of the song.

Drum Covers

Hello all

This is my first blog ever………

I would like to start off with what I’ve been working on tonight.  As well as freestyler by Bomfunk MC (which im working on for a friend), I’m also working on adapting my style to fit the legendary Michael Jacksons “Thriller”. I’ve just had a couple of plays through it and its starting to come together nicely.  So watch this space for a new cover.