A quick update (and another problem)

This is a little post carrying on from my post about “recording LIT”

I received my movie maker software in the post and quickly discovered that it’s not fit for my purpose at all. The intros and endings are all cheap and tacky. Not professional looking at all like the easy to use ones that come with windows movie maker, but that’s not even the main problem with the software. It only allows you to move tracks by a pre determined amount. And you can’t cut or change the fixed segments. So if I needed to move the track by say: half a second I couldn’t make that adjustment. I could only  move it for instance a second either way. Which for music is useless?

So I have gone back to the windows Movie Maker software and I’ve managed to get round the original compression issue by placing the song track in the mix first and then following it up with the drum track. So its now only been compressed once. Which I think sounds pretty good.

I’ve also had a little play with the Mixer settings to get a more pronounced pop to the drums which you will definitely hear in the next Michel Jackson series .If I ever finish it. Hopefully this weekend I will get a track up for you to see and compare with my LET recording, and original settings.( i plan to make a post about EQ settings at a later date)

Now onto my latest problem:

I’ve been having trouble of late keeping in time with the music tracks I play along too. The major cause of this is I have rubbish in ear headphones that leak too much sound and just simply don’t go loud enough to compensate for this.  So I’ve just purchased myself a nice pair of Sennheiser HD280pro Closed Monitoring Headphones. This should help in two ways. The first is to reduce the noise from the drums making its way into my ears (which is good as I’d like to not be deaf by the time in 35) and the second been I should be able to have the volume at a much lower level also helping to reduce noise damage.

I should be receiving these within the next few days. So ill post a review on how I get on with using them.


Update: The headphones have arived from amazon this morning. So hopfully ill get a chance to try them out tonight 🙂

About ajbennettdrums

I have been playing drums for over 20 years now and currently have over 9 years of teaching experience. I am comfortable playing all styles and am a proficient sight reader of music. I started playing drums at the tender age of 7 and I vividly remember exactly what it was that got me into drumming. One Sunday afternoon I was watching a documentary on classic 80’s bands, equipped with huge Drum Kits taking up most of the stage. I then proceeded to empty out a tonne of boxes in my room, cut holes in them and sticky-tape bits together to create my first drum kit (using pencils as sticks). At that point, my dad thought it would be a good idea to send me off for Drum Lessons and from that moment on I have never looked back.

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