A Little Experiment.

Morning all.

Another day, another dollar. (Well in my case another pound)

I would like to start by saying the Thriller cover has been placed on hold till further notice. Instead I have decided to do a Mini Series on Michael Jackson incorporating a few of his most well-known songs. These will be “Smooth Criminal” & “Black or White”.

I hope to start the recording phase sometime this week. With a view to getting them out before I head off to Turkey in a few weeks for a well deserved holiday.

I would also like to talk about a little experiment I will be doing over the next few weeks or months, regarding hand speed.

Basically I’ve worked out a little routine to be played on a practice pad every day for a month, which I’m hoping by the end of that time will yield some significant improvement in my hand speed.

It’s designed to only take up around 5 minutes of everyday for a month. But a metronome will be essential to progression.

If it works I’ll post up my training routine with manuscript, so others can look at it, and see if they can get any improvements to speed and technique by following it.

About ajbennettdrums

I have been playing drums for over 20 years now and currently have over 9 years of teaching experience. I am comfortable playing all styles and am a proficient sight reader of music. I started playing drums at the tender age of 7 and I vividly remember exactly what it was that got me into drumming. One Sunday afternoon I was watching a documentary on classic 80’s bands, equipped with huge Drum Kits taking up most of the stage. I then proceeded to empty out a tonne of boxes in my room, cut holes in them and sticky-tape bits together to create my first drum kit (using pencils as sticks). At that point, my dad thought it would be a good idea to send me off for Drum Lessons and from that moment on I have never looked back.

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